John Burke

Meet Your Professor:

I did my undergraduate work at the University of Michigan and received
both a Masters degree in Mathematics and a Masters degree in Computer
Science from the University of Colorado.

For over 25 years I worked in industry managing IT departments for a
diverse collection of companies before returning in 2003 to my original love:
teaching Mathematics.

Since then I have taught over 200 classes at 5 different schools, teaching
nearly everything from Arithmetic to Calculus III. I am particularly
interested in the intersection of technology, mathematics and teaching.

I live with my wife, Ann, and Siberian Husky, Mariah, in Natomas. In my spare time, I like
to read, travel and keep at least one finger in technology.

Office: Howard Hall 148
Telephone: (916) 484-8601

Fall 2020 Schedule:
-----Math 120 (12390) Intermediate Algebra: MW 1:30 - 3:50 (Online Zoom)
-----Math 373 (12476) Trigonometry for Calculus: TTh 12:45 - 2:50 (Online Zoom)
-----Math 373 (13467) Trigonometry for Calculus: TTh 8:45 - 10:50 (Online Zoom)
----------MathS 73 (13560) Support Course for 13467: Fully Online
Note: Links will be added to these classes by the end of June.

Fall 2020 Office Hours: TBD and by appointment