Melissa Fish

Meet Your Professor:

Education - I have a BA in psychology from Boston College & a MBA w/a concentration in Human Resource Management from Sac State. I also participate in SHRM and ISBE professional activities in an effort to stay current.

Experience - My 1st career was in Social Work and Educational/Vocational Training. During this career, I worked for private non-profit organizations servicing individuals and teens with developmental disabilities, autism, and mental health concerns. After experiencing burnout, I tried several industries before finding my passion in Finance/Retirement Planning/Business at Franklin Templeton Investments (FTI). While working for FTI, I held several positions some of which were call center representative, trainer, supervisor, and performance consultant. During these experiences, I learned a great deal about Human Resources Management (HRM) which inspired me to return to school and earn my MBA. My final career change was to full-time teaching here at ARC which allowed me to blend my professional interest in business/finance with my personal interests of helping others.

These experiences have provided me with theoretical knowledge and practical application in business management, communications, diversity, HR laws/regulations, company policy & procedure development, and many other relevant business topics which I hope to share with you! In addition to professional organizations, I also consult occasionally to build current relevant understanding of workplace issues.

Personality - By nature, I am an introvert with a goal-oriented and time-focused approach to work, life, etc. I am pretty pragmatic and direct when it comes to communication and expectations; however, I am realistic and flexible when necessary. I believe education and experience are the keys to help us grow and succeed in life, especially now when competition is fierce and opportunities may be limited.

Objective - My approach to teaching is not to dictate my reality/knowledge/experience to you, but rather to build on where you are and what you know so we all can advance to the next level. To accomplish this, I will inform, challenge, and encourage you, but ultimately, you must put forth the effort to determine your level of success. So, this means that I am here to facilitate the learning process and support you. I can provide you with resources, direction, and empathy if you are open to learning, communicating clearly, and putting forth the effort.

Interests - To name a few, not in any particular order: family/friends, food, travel, soccer/volleyball, reading, wine, and music. My happy place would be in a hammock someplace by a lake or ocean, enjoying a good book while listening to great music, surrounded by my family.