100% Online Programs

American River College offers a wide variety of completely online certificates allowing you to take full control of your educational experience. In addition, many general education requirements can be fulfilled online.


Accounting  (AA)

This degree focuses on preparation for careers in various accounting professions. It develops a common foundation in accounting and business, and provides various courses covering both fundamental and specialized accounting topics to meet individual career goals.

Accounting  (certificate)

This certificate provides occupational training and preparation for entry-level clerical and technical positions in various accounting careers. It provides a... Read More

Accounting Clerk  (certificate)

This certificate provides fundamental occupational training and preparation for entry level accounting clerk positions. The program includes basic accounting... Read More


General Business  (AA)

This degree is designed to provide a strong foundation for those entering into a variety of business fields in the private and public sector. It includes... Read More

Small Business Management  (AA)

The Small Business Management degree provides training and education for those wishing to own or manage a small entrepreneurial venture. The various elements involved in starting and operating a small business are covered.

Business Administration  (AST)

The Associate in Science in Business for Transfer (AS-T) degree provides students with a major that fulfills the general requirements for transfer to the... Read More

Computer Applications for Small Business  (certificate)

This certificate provides an overview of the specific computer related skills needed to run a small business. The focus is on word processing, electronic... Read More

Entrepreneurship  (certificate)

This certificate is designed for existing and potential entrepreneurs. It provides an introductory and organized course of study that enables students to develop... Read More

General Business - Introduction   (certificate)

This certificate provides an introductory overview of the various disciplines in business, such as management, marketing, accounting, and finance. It is intended to meet the needs of students who wish to develop, retrain, or upgrade skills.

Business Technology

Office Assistant  (certificate)

This certificate provides training in clerical procedures for entry-level office positions.

Computer Information Science

CIS: Computer Networking Management  (certificate)

The CIS: Computer Networking Management certificate provides instruction for entry-level and IT professionals aiming for skill enhancement on the specific... Read More

CIS: Microcomputer Applications  (certificate)

This certificate involves the use of the microcomputer and current, commonly used software to solve problems in a business environment. Course work includes... Read More

Internet Marketing  (certificate)

This certificate offers a program of study for students seeking jobs that require skills in technical marketing applications. It provides opportunities to... Read More

Network Administration Essentials - Windows  (certificate)

This program provides the information and skills necessary for network administration professionals to administer a Windows Active Directory domain-based... Read More

Early Childhood Education

Assistant Teacher  (certificate)

This certificate provides entry-level coursework in preparation to be an assistant teacher in an early care and education program. Topics include an introduction... Read More

Family Child Care  (certificate)

This certificate provides a foundation in early childhood education and includes courses specific to family child care providers. Additional topics include child... Read More


History  (AAT)

The Associate in Arts degree in History for Transfer provides a clearly articulated curricular track for students who wish to transfer to a CSU campus, while... Read More

Interdisciplinary Studies

History of the Creative Arts  (AA)

This degree provides an area of emphasis in the arts and humanities. It is intended for students who plan to transfer to a four-year college/university to earn a baccalaureate degree.

The Individual and Society  (AA)

This degree provides an area of emphasis in the effects of culture, religion, ethnicity, and gender on individuals living in a global society. It is designed... Read More

Interior Design

Interior Retail Merchandising  (certificate)

This certificate provides a foundation of education and skills in the expanding field of interior design. Topics include the materials of interior design, architectural (global and regional) and furniture history, business practices, and event planning.


Management  (AA)

This program is intended for those who wish to progress to positions of responsibility in their respective industry. Its strong management focus provides the... Read More

Management  (certificate)

This program is designed for those who wish to progress from entry-level positions in management and related areas. Topics include human resources, business law, management communication, and organizational behavior.

Project Management  (certificate)

This certificate covers the responsibilities of a project manager. It includes the knowledge needed to manage a project, control costs, and schedule resources.... Read More


Retail Management (WAFC)  (certificate)

This program provides an overview of the retail industry and the business skills needed to succeed in retail store management. It provides training for those... Read More

Science - General

General Science  (AS)

This program provides a broad study in the fields of biological and physical sciences in preparation for transfer to a four-year program and continuation of studies in upper division science courses.

As required by federal law, American River College provides gainful employment disclosure information for eligible certificate programs. Go to the specific certificate programs to find out how to access gainful employment disclosure information.

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